Our History

Hamilton Shipping began life in Northern Ireland in 1919 as Alex M Hamilton & Co, named after the great uncle of Gordon Hamilton, the former owner and managing director.

Gordon was keen to establish the business across the whole of Ireland and invested significantly in broadening the range of shipping and cargo services the company offered its Irish and global customer base.

In 2001, Hamilton Shipping was divided into two companies with their own specialist areas, Hamilton Shipping Container Services and Hamilton Shipping Port Services.

In 2012, Denholm Logistics Group, a J. & J. Denholm company, acquired 100% share capital of Hamilton Shipping Holdings and all its subsidiaries.

J. & J. Denholm can trace its origins back to 1866 when the first business, a ships agency, was founded by James Denholm.  James was joined by his younger brother John in 1869, when J. & J. Denholm was formed and the company is still controlled by their descendants today. The group has since diversified and now has four main business streams: shipping, logistics, seafoods and industrial services.

Photograph: Hamilton Shipping is so well-established in Belfast, the company proudly features on one of the ceramic tiles that make up the scales of the Big Fish public art, which was commissioned to describe different scenes in the city’s history.